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Diamond Discoveries of a Woman Preacher


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Diamond Discoveries of a Woman Preacher
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    1. Beskrivelse

      If you are eager to learn how to gain greater awareness and understanding about the layers-of-truth and the often hidden facets of being female and clergy, this is the book for you! Discover the diamonds on each page as the author uses humor, wisdom, scriptures, and brief narratives to bring fresh sparkle to topics such as: -hearing a calling from God in a changing and sometimes biased society -balancing busy schedules -living into self-care -embracing forgiveness -being mentored and mentoring others in ministry -networking with male and female clergy colleagues and community leaders -negotiating benefits and salaries -keeping healthy sexual boundaries -maximizing play time with family and friends -learning quick tips for fashion, clothing, hairstyles, and even make-up It is the author's prayer that women in ministry, their families, colleagues, and faith communities will read and then be made more sensitive to the ways that all of us can support each other in our journeys to becoming even more brilliant in God's eyes. ""Diamond Discoveries of a Woman Preacher offers spiritual wisdom that guides, touches, and inspires any of us in ministry. Dr. Garrett shares profound insights from her own journey and experience as a friend and mentor to those in ministry, addressing very practical and real life concerns along with the spiritual grounding that makes ministry possible. This book is accessible but far from simplistic in tackling challenging issues that confront clergy as they seek to serve God's people. I wish I had received this book at my own ordination 30 years ago!""  --Cheryl Cornish, Pastor, First Congregational UCC Church, Memphis, TN Cozette R. Garrett (Doctor of Ministry) is an ordained Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister who lives and serves in the Greater Memphis area. She is a lively and informative preacher, life group leader, and speaker. After over thirty years of ministry in a variety of settings, (including local church, hospital/hospice, and seminary), she writes to encourage other women clergy by sharing gems of wisdom that she discovered.

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