Devil Let My Baby Go!


Devil Let My Baby Go!
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Devil Let My Baby Go!


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  1. Beskrivelse

    175 photos throughout In this unbelievably heartfelt book, Evangelist Yevette Fisher shares her story from the perspective of a parent dealing with a transgender daughter. She raised her daughter Nichol in church, so she was devastated when her "only child" adamantly embraced the LGBT lifestyle. Regardless of what it looked like, Yevette was determined not to give up on her daughter. However, it seemed as though the more she prayed, the worse off her daughter became. Evangelist Yevette Fisher is a prayer warrior that stood on the word of God. She realized that to break the bonds of homosexuality, she had to exhibit love, but without compromise. Ministry transpired right in their home as other friends of Nichol in "the lifestyle" received the Holy Spirit. While her daughter was in the Devil's grip, Evangelist Fisher has marched into nightclubs, rescued her from abusive relationships, and waged warfare in the enemy's territory. The Lord mightily delivered Nichol after two decades entangled in perversion, gangs, drugs, and alcohol. Evangelist Fisher's daughter walked out alive with the Devil's secrets, unashamedly sharing her own testimony in the autobiography titled, "Behind Enemy Lines." Evangelist Fisher learned by taking this close walk through hell with Nichol that prophetic declarations do come to pass. She commanded the forces of darkness to loose her child. "Devil Let My Baby Go " is a prayer that she said on many occasions while anointing Nichol's head with oil. This book which is written from a mother's view, is a tutorial that will certainly give you hope and insight about how to handle this "bold spirit."

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