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Desperate to Survive


Desperate to Survive
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    E-bog, ePub
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    1. Beskrivelse

      So few of them, just ten really, but their people, all of the remaining cities, were depending on what they did here at the Alpha. Could they, would they, come up with a solution in time, or would each city fall one at a time until they were no more? After all, this was a very valid question and one that needed to be asked - and once asked, answers found. When their ancestors had originally set up the cities it had never been from the idea of defense and support. The planned defense was the isolation and the hiding of the cities in the desolation where the primitives would not go. After all, there was no reason to go there, since nothing lived or could survive in the desolation. Again originally, their ancestors had expected to be rescued in short order, and so the type of defenses that they now needed were never considered, never planned, never built, and until the discovery of the cities by the primitives, never an issue. Looking through the large databases at the Alpha showed just how much knowledge they had lost or forgotten over time - time that could have been used to better defend. And with little to no travel between the cities, again to reduce the chance of being discovered, this had isolated them even further. In some ways Saige was surprised that the communications circuits had remained, but now was quite thankful that they had. Because it was the only way left to make contact, to alert, to warn. Had the circuits failed, then no city would have been aware of what had happened to their sister cities, and in the end all would have perished without a whimper, making the silence complete. In many ways it was funny how life was. Here in the midst of loss, destruction, and death, life continued to flourish. Since their time on the run, and with the discovery of the Alpha, children had been born. Yet, in the end would they too become no more, innocence destroyed, leaving all of them looking for a way out of this darkness that surrounded them? Would they avoid death, and find a way out, or would it be just a dream that had an unhappy ending? One thing for sure, they were desperate to survive.

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