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Darkness: The Complete Edition


Darkness: The Complete Edition
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E-bog, ePub (kr. 59,75) (kr. 59,75)
  1. Beskrivelse

    If there was an award for Worst Ever Choice of Lover, curvy blogger Kathryn Smith would have won it. Twice.

    When Kathryn inadvertently stumbles into a tangled web of politics, corruption and lies, there are only two men powerful enough to get her out of it alive. Only problem is that both of them demand more than a polite “thank you” in return. They want her, every ounce and every curve. And they’re not backing down until she surrenders.

    As if it wasn’t bad enough that they hate each other’s guts and Kathryn is — quite literally — stuck between the two of them, they’re also both overbearing, domineering and completely impossible to read. Not to mention one’s an insufferable jerk, while the other’s a straight-up psychopathic killer.

    Add to that a shared enemy who will happily kidnap and torture Kathryn to get to her new lovers, a city on the brink of destruction and friction burns in delicate places.

    Yep. Worst. Choice. Ever.

    Book 1 - 4 of the paranormal suspense romance series “Darkness.”

    Features two uncompromising bad boys and their very steamy romancing of one lucky, voluptuous lady.

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