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Cybercrime and Evolving Threats from Cyberspace


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Cybercrime and Evolving Threats from Cyberspace
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Bog, hardback (kr. 879,95) (kr. 944,95)
  1. Beskrivelse

    Imagine a near-perfect international crime opportunity, one that happens daily, in which perpetrators in Russia and a number of Eastern European companies could easily steal intellectual property, monetary funds, and any other digital items of value from American citizens--both individuals and corporate entities--without the perpetrators ever stepping foot in the United States. The perpetrators know they cannot be arrested because they are in countries that do not extradite their citizens for prosecution in the United States. Welcome to the real-life, modern-day world of international cybercrime.

    This second edition of Cybercrime: Criminal Threats from Cyberspace continues to investigate the growing problem of cybercrime--the phenomenon of individuals in the United States and internationally who use cyberspace to engage in criminal and antisocial conduct. This book covers the latest developments in cybercrime, documenting how new threat actors are constantly emerging to take advantage of financial and other opportunities cyberspace provides. The book also analyzes the extent to which law enforcement personnel are able to combat the threat of anonymous online perpetrators attacking from foreign countries with essential impunity, the global threat represented by the emergence and expansion of cyberterrorism, the potential for cyber war, and what this highly vulnerable landscape might mean for the United States.

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    Bog, hardback
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