Cursive Handwriting for Kids

- Alphabets and Words

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Cursive Handwriting for Kids
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Cursive Handwriting for Kids

- Alphabets and Words

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  1. Beskrivelse

    Did you know you can effectively improve your child's fine motor skills, memory, and language skills through handwriting? Research has shown that writing in longhand, compared to printing, significantly helps in brain development.

    Whether you're looking to introduce cursive writing to your kids, refine the writing skills they already have, or improve their reading and spelling test scores, the Cursive Handwriting for Kids series has you covered.

    The Cursive Handwriting for Kids - Alphabet & Words is a 62-page workbook loaded with fun and engaging activities that kids will definitely enjoy while learning to write Alphabet & Words. The book comes with reproducible blank practice pages and a handy reference chart. The worksheets inside are a fantastic way to test how well your child has improved throughout the writing practice.

    Best for classroom and after-school activities, during the summer, or any time your child needs extra handwriting practice.

    From learning how to write the alphabet in cursive style to forming words and Alphabet & Words, the Cursive Handwriting for Kids - Alphabet & Words will guide your child one step at a time toward mastering this very important skill. Completing each activity in the workbook will prepare children for school, help them get high grades, and make learning easier and more fun.

    It's true that practice makes perfect-but it doesn't have to be tedious and boring ... Practicing with the Cursive Handwriting for Kids series allows your child to be creative, and thus to truly learn

    Enjoy more books from the Cursive Handwriting for Kids series by Sachin Sachdeva: Alphabet & Words #2, Strokes and Letters, Lowercase Letters, Capital Letters, and Sentences.

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    Bog, paperback

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