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Curing Chronic Illness (Mental or Physical) with a Raw or Near-Raw Diet


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Curing Chronic Illness (Mental or Physical) with a Raw or Near-Raw Diet
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Drugs do not cure chronic illness. If they did, the condition would never become chronic. An arthritis sufferer may be given medication for his symptoms, and there may be relief for an hour or so, but when the drugs wear off, the arthritis will still be there. There has been NO cure. That same scenario applies to virtually all chronic health disorders. Your well-meaning doctor can only provide the treatment he is trained in at medical school. And that means drugs, drugs, and more drugs. However, it has been shown in many studies over the last 100 or more years that by the simple measure of eating raw foods or juices, fully-blown "incurable" diseases can be cured! This natural-food approach is never taught at medical college, as it would damage the reputation of doctors and decimate the colossal profits of the drug industry. The suppression - indeed, ridicule - of natural food cures is, consequently, widespread in medicine. Heating foods destroys the vital, healing, enzymes, and this is missed by mainstream medicine. Until man discovered fire, he ate his food raw. And far from the myth that primitive man died young and was unhealthy, the exact opposite is true. Every living creature on earth eats it's food raw, except man. And only man suffers from chronic illness of all kinds. Read this book and start to take control of your own particular "incurable" illness.

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