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Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way

- Developing and Applying a Forward-Focused Mindset


Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Your future begins today.You can dream it. You can plan it. You can try to make it happen. But you can never really prepare for the future unless you have a future-focused mindset. That is the underlying message behind the inspiring words and wisdom of Peter Drucker, the legendary father of modern management. Drucker believed that the future must be createdday by day, person by personrather than be left to chance or fate.This powerful audiobook by Drucker scholar and author Bruce Rosenstein incorporates the masters time-tested principles into a step-by-step daily plan that will change your life forever. Starting right now, you can: 1. Create a future-focused mindset.Learn how to build a better tomorrow by taking steps today.2. Determine the future by what has already happened.Look for clues in the past to forecast the future.3. Become your own successor.Keep yourself in demand and in control of your destiny.4.Shape the future of your organization.Go beyond the planning stage and create real change.5.Build your future beyond your current workplace.Identify challenges and opportunities in all aspects of your life.Whether youre a recent college graduate faced with a difficult job market, an ambitious entrepreneur trying to anticipate the Next Big Thing, or a struggling executive weathering a storm of constant global change, Druckers surprisingly timely approach to the future will guide you through anything the world throws at you.Youll discover creative techniques for rolling with the punches and landing on your feet, open-minded strategies for turning your ideas into action, and the latest tools for adapting to new technologies like social media and Internet marketing. Youll find inspiring advice and insights drawn from personal interviews with Drucker himself and some of the greatest business leaders of our time. Most importantly, youll develop your own exciting, forward-thinking approach to the future that will dramatically alter your life, inside and outside the office.This is how you take charge of your destiny. This is how you make your dreams come true. This is how to Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way.

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