Conducting the Home Visit in Child Protection


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Conducting the Home Visit in Child Protection
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"This is an immensely readable and engaging book, which would have been an enormous resource for me as a practitioner and as a manager of social workers, earlier on in my career. It is written in a succinct, authentic, and clear style with practical examples throughout ...Joanna Nicolas brings her commitment to learning from practice alive in this book, drawing on personal examples. Her clarity on issues, such as the legal position of social workers, is excellent." Penny Thompson, Chief Executive of the General Social Care Council (GSCC) "For anyone immersed in child protection, there is a requirement to be aware, alert and assertive and to be inquisitive, intrigued, inquiring and imaginative about what children are experiencing when you are not there. These are the powerful messages from this strongly practice-focussed text with its emphasis on 'how to do it'. There is clear guidance, and powerful examples, for those still learning their craft and significant reminders for those who are more experienced. There is no more important work than protecting very vulnerable children. This book will help us all do it better."Ray Jones, Professor of Social Work, Kingston University and St George's, University of London, UK and previously Director of Social Services in Wiltshire, UK. "This book is a gem. Filled with numerous practice-based examples and laced with contemporary, 'real-world' dilemmas, it gently encourages practitioners involved in child protection work to think about their work. Whatever their level of knowledge and experience, this book offers excellent, hands-on advice from someone who, clearly, has much experience with families. But what Joanna Nicolas also brings is humanity and a real concern for people: no mean achievement!" David Shemmings, Professor of Child Protection Research, University of Kent and Royal Holloway, University of London, UK "I wish this book had been written when I was a student health visitor. It provides excellent practical guidance ...It was pleasing to see acknowledgement of the importance of trusting instinct and 'hunches' and the guidance on preparation for the home visit is invaluable ...The author's very human, honest and self-effacing approach to writing this book is refreshing.Joanna Nicolas helps you believe that you can work effectively in this field, no matter now daunted you may be." Mandy J Brimble, School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies, Cardiff University, UK Conducting a home visit is a fundamental part of a social worker's role, but in practical terms many key issues are overlooked during social work training. Part of a new Social Work Pocketbooks series, this is a practical guide to conducting home visits, a task which many feel unprepared for and is fraught with difficulties. Useful features include: Real case examples Realistic solutions to the everyday difficulties you face Examples of what to say Reference to topical research including the Munro Review of Child Protection findingsWritten by an experienced social worker, this book is clear, straight-forward and jargon-free. It will also be a useful aid to any professionals required to do home visiting. The book addresses: What you need to do to prepare for the visit How to get in the door What to do when you are in the home What you need to look out for How to keep yourself safe

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