College Trigonometry
Bog, hardback
5th Revised edition.
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This text provides a supportive environment to help students successfully learn the content of a standard trigonometry course. By incorporating interactive learning techniques, the Aufmann team helps students to better understand concepts, focus their studying habits and obtain greater mathematical success. Many new components added to this edition of College Trigonometry have been designed to help students diagnose and review weak algebra skills. Prerequisite review is include in the textbook (and supporting materials) so that instructors can spend less time covering review material and students can still fill in the gaps in their mathematical knowledge. New! Integrated Review Notes provided next to examples throughout the text help students see the key prerequisite skills used within the example. For added convenience, these example-specific notes direct students to the page(s) where they can practice and review the skills needed to understand the new concept, thus decreasing students' frustration and increasing their success. New!Prepare for the Next Section Exercises, found at the end of the exercise sets, have been carefully selected to review the prerequisite skills students will need in the next section. Next to each exercise is a reference to a section of the text where students can go to review topics they don't understand. Answers to all of these exercises are provided in the Answer Appendix to help students better understand what they need to do to prepare for the next section. Additional program components that support students with weak skills include Eduspace tutorial practice, HM mathSpace Student CD-ROM tutorial practice, SMARTHINKING Live Online Tutoring and Instructional DVDs and Videos. The authors' proven Aufmann Interactive Method connects Examples with related Try It exercises to support students as they read the textbook, do homework, or study a section. These exercises can be used by students to increase comprehension as they read the text or by instructors as a quick in-class check to assess student understanding. The interactive connection between Examples and exercises also guides students back to appropriate examples for help when they get stuck on a homework exercise.Complete Solutions to the Try It Exercises in an appendix provide comprehensive support to students and serves as an excellent study tool. Interactive reading and study support is provided through careful placement of a Question/Answer feature throughout the exposition of the text so that students can check their understanding of concepts, think more critically about the mathematics and more actively engage in learning mathematics. To support students studying independently, the Answer to each question is conveniently provided as a footnote on the same page as the question. To create a link between the algebraic and visual representations of a solution, increase students' understanding of the concept presented and accommodate different learning styles, the authors have provided both an algebraic solution and a graphical solution (represented by either a coordinate grid graph or a graphing calculator screen) for appropriate examples. New! Focus on Problem Solving at the beginning of every chapter reviews and demonstrates various strategies used by successful problem-solvers.Students become more comfortable with problem-solving and have a collection of tips and strategies to refer to for added support. Take Note hints found in the margins help students avoid common mistakes and highlight special cases and concepts that increase mathematical understanding. Special modelling sections throughout the text, which rely heavily on the graphing calculator, provide an opportunity to motivate students with relevant, modern applications. These special sections introduce the idea of mathematical modelling of data through linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic and logistic regression. Students are often required to work with tables, graphs and charts using data drawn from a variety of disciplines. Rich exercise sets and applications offer instructors a wide range of options when assigning homework, including many that involve real data. When appropriate, the end of a section presents applications that require students to use problem-solving strategies along with the skills covered in that section to solve practical problems. Exercises encourage problem solving, skill building, group work, writing and appropriate use of graphing calculators. New!Connecting Concepts exercises found in every exercise set extend some of the concepts discussed in the section and require students to connect ideas studied earlier with new concepts. These more involved, multi-step exercises help students practice problems involving multiple concepts, similar to those found on many exams. New! Cumulative Review Exercises added to every chapter allow students to review material from previous chapters to better prepare for tests and material to come. The answers for all of these exercises, along with cross-references to the relevant text section, are included in the student answer section of the textbook to enable students' to check their work. Opportunities for Exploring Concepts Using Technology are offered at the end of each chapter. These exploration use technology to expand upon the concepts and ideas introduced in the text. Instructors can use these explorations for group projects, class discussions or extra-credit assignments. Projects at the end of each exercise set encourage individual students (or groups of students) to research and write about mathematics and its applications. New!Integrated Digital (PowerPoint) Lessons and Figures provide an animated, dynamic way for instructors to engage students during class and are downloadable from the Houghton Mifflin web site or ClassPrep CD-ROM. Students can access these lessons online to easily review a lecture and fill in gaps in their note-taking. A "P" icon (for PowerPoint) is located throughout the text to signify when a Digital Lesson or Digital Figure is available.

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Bog, hardback

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    Provides a supportive environment to help students successfully learn the content of a standard trigonometry course. By incorporating interactive learning techniques, this text helps students to better understand concepts, focus their studying habits and obtain greater mathematical success. illustrations

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