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Climate Change


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Climate Change
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Bog, paperback (kr. 249,95) (kr. 317,80)
  1. Beskrivelse

    Climate Change has been one of the major issues experiencing our planet today. It's sad that it is really happening, and is getting worse. Animals are being extinct, water is becoming insufficient, and we can no longer predict the weather. Can we make an improvement of the ever changing climate we have now? With this book, you will get an idea of what is Climate Change and Global Warming, and how you can help to prevent it from worsening. It will give you the facts, correct the incorrect notion about what is the current state of Climate change, and how science can explain the argument between capitalism vs the climate. So many debate about consequences and personal motives... but what can we do now to fix and repair the damage that has been done in the previous years... the history. We can choose to do something or keep on asking why on everything. Mother Nature is suffering, it needs a person that cares. You can start changes in your home, but before that, find out why and then answer it with how. Buy this book, and together we can try to sustainability solutions for the improvement of the Earth. Make this your book your Home Repair resource, scroll up, and click the 'BUY BUTTON' Now **Buy the printed copy, and you get the kindle version for free ***You don't need to own a kindle to read this, mobile phone, computer, tablet and laptop could work too.

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    Bog, paperback
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