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Civil War in the Indian Territory


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Civil War in the Indian Territory
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Bog, paperback (kr. 109,95) (kr. 139,95)
  1. Beskrivelse

    The Civil War in the Indian Territory proved to be a test of valor and endurance for both sides. Author Steve Cottrell outlines the events that led up to the involvement of this region in the war, the role of the Native Americans who took part in the war, and the effect their participation had on the war's outcome, particularly in this region.

    For Indians, as in the rest of the country, neighbor was pitted against neighbor, with members of the same tribe often fighting against each other. Cottrell describes in vivid detail the guerilla warfare, surprise attacks, and all-out battles that stained the grassy plains of Oklahoma with blood. In addition, he introduces the reader to the interesting and often colorful leaders of the military-North and South-including the only Indian to attain the rank of general in the war, Confederate general Stand Watie.

    With outstanding illustrations by Andy Thomas, this story is a tribute to and a revealing portrait of those who fought and the important role they played in this era of our country's history.


    Former high-school teacher Steve Cottrell is a graduate of Missouri Southern State College. His interest in Civil War history began at an early age, and his extensive research throughout the Ozarks has resulted in numerous published articles on Civil War subjects. Cottrell has been active in preservation efforts for Ozark battlefields and has contributed to the region's Civil War museums. He resides in Springdale, Arkansas.

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    159 g
    13 mm
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    Bog, paperback
    For university college
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