Christendom Awake: On Re-Energising the Church in Culture


Christendom Awake: On Re-Energising the Church in Culture
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Why has the church become so marginalised in our culture?

A leading British theologian argues that the church must regain confidence in its doctrine to shape and influence philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, economics, gender relations and the forms of the State.

Written from a position of 'radical traditionalism', and situated in the mainstream of contemporary Roman Catholicism, Aidan Nichols calls on the Church to recover perspective and re-launch its creative mission in the new millennium.

Praise for Christendom Wake:

'Rerelate faith and culture, re-enchant the Liturgy, recentre on the end. It must, it can be done - a rich and passionate book.'

--Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

'This book embodies the very thing it proposes: the awakening and remaking of Christendom. England's foremost Catholic theologian displays the undiminished capacity of classical Catholicism for the renewing of liturgy and spirituality, philosophy and theology, exegesis and ecumenism, art and architecture, consecrated life and family life, economics and politics. If there is a Catholic Christian culture, then it is here!'

--Professor John Saward

'Fr Nichols is full of insights, of beauty and of the unexpected. This is indeed an important book, one which could alter hearts, minds and imaginations. It could give birth to numerous progeny. It would do little justice to Aidan Nichols' vision if this meant only to other people's books.'

David Foster, Catholic Family

'Aidan Nichol's provocative, wide-ranging charter for renewal, Christendom Awake, should be compulsory reading for all those who believe that the future well-being of the Catholic Church depends simply on the full implementation of the so-called 'Spirit of Vatican II'.'

--Revd Dr Ian Ker

'Aidan Nichols provokes disagreement but I cannot praise this book too highly. The doctrinal and philosophical sections are hard going, but do not be deterred. Your will probably reject Nichols attempt to revive the concept of Christendom as hopelessly unrealistic but you will be refreshed by his wide-ranging intelligence and by his unerring ability to pinpoint the problems facing the contemporary church.'

--Church of England Newspaper

'Just occasionally a book appears that makes one sing with joy. This is such a book. Such works are often described as "seminal" and this book, in the literal sense, will sow seeds that ought to grow. If you read only one book on religious matters this year, I urge you to make this that book. Every Catholic school needs at least one copy in its library and discussion about the ideas contained could be stimluating in-service training for a school. The publication of Christendom Awake might prove to be a turning point in the history of the Catholic Church in England.'

--Catholic Times

'This is a thoughtful boom, beautifully written in some parts. Nichols' book is well worth reading. Catholics who do not agree with him will find themselves impelled to think more deeply and uncover the biblical foundation of their faith.'

--The Ecumenist

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Christendom Awake: On Re-Energising the Church in Culture


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