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Bog, paperback China's Media Go Global af Hugo De Burgh

China's Media Go Global (Internationalizing Media Studies)

(Bog, paperback)

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10 Line drawings, black and white; 12 Tables, black and white

10 Line drawings, black and white; 12 Tables, black and white


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10 Line drawings, black and white; 12 Tables, black and white
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As part of China's `going out' strategy, China is using its media to promote its views and vision to the wider world, countering negative images in the US-dominated international media. China's Media Go Global, the first edited collection on this subject, evaluates how this unprecedented expansion of Chinese media and communications is changing the global media landscape and the role of China within it.Each chapter examines a different dimension of Chinese media's globalization, from newspapers, radio, film and television, to social media and journalism cultures and practices. Topics include the rise of CCTV and its ambitions to dominate the global market alongside the BBC and CNN; China Daily as an instrument of China's public diplomacy; the history of China's New Documentary movement; the influence of the move online by Western newspapers on Chinese media models, and the fierce discussion around the growth of China's state media in Africa. As well as chapters discussing entertainment television, financial media and the advertising market in China. This volume offers a comprehensive evaluation of complex debates concerning the impact of China on the international media landscape now, and in the future. It makes a distinctive addition to Chinese media studies, as well as to broader global media discourses. Beyond its primary readership among academics and students, China's Media Go Global is aimed at the growing constituency of general readers, for whom the role of the media in globalization is a matter of wider interest.

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