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Bog, paperback Cheltenham Caravans af Jacqui McCarthy

Cheltenham Caravans

- An Illustrated History

(Bog, paperback)

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Jacqui McCarthy explores the fascinating history of Cheltenham Caravans. 180

Jacqui McCarthy explores the fascinating history of Cheltenham Caravans. 180


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Forlagets beskrivelse
Jacqui McCarthy explores the fascinating history of Cheltenham Caravans. 180
Bibliotekernes beskrivelse
Cheltenham Caravans were made by one of the smallest caravan manufacturing companies and are still used across Europe by members of the longest established one-marque caravan owners' clubs, forty years after the company ceased to exist. This is testament to the quality of the research, design and build of each caravan. The family company tested new models extensively overseas, before they went into production, testing new ideas, finding and resolving any problems they encountered. This ensured they could sell the caravans with great confidence. The Cheltenham Caravans were aimed at the more discerning caravanner, being built to a extremely high standard and tailored to each buyers needs with list of 'extras' available. Buyers were, and still are, as enthusiastic about the caravans as the family were and The Cheltenham Owners Club, which was established in 1950, still has a large membership over sixty-five years later. The club members encourage, support and share knowledge with each other, so the caravans stay around for many years to come.This book details the journey from the beginning to the present day, showing photographs and images of the models through the years and the various changes that took place.

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