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Celebrating Who We Are


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Celebrating Who We Are
  • Leveringstid 5-9 hverdage
  • Forventet levering 02-07-2018
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  1. Beskrivelse

    You are alive! But do you realise you are not just your appearance?—?the person you see in the mirror? The one looking in the mirror is in reality, at zero inches, boundless and timeless. This is not something to believe?—?the point is to experience this Clear Space yourself. See your Single Eye, then live consciously from this Openness. Living from your Original Face, your No-Face, is the natural next step in your personal development?—?after passing through the stages of the baby, the child and the adult, then comes the seer. If you are not aware you are the One, the Alone, you are like a rose that has done all the hard work of producing a bud, your individual self, but then hasn’t gone on to open and blossom into a flower, into your True Self. See, and open?—?open to your birthright, to a life of inner freedom, creativity, adventure, spontaneity, peace, compassion…

    Richard Lang has over 40 years experience leading Headless Way workshops. These workshops use the astonishingly effective ‘experiments’ developed by the English philosopher, Douglas Harding. These experiments point directly to your True Nature. Richard edited the transcripts of ten workshops and combined them in this book into the format of one workshop. In a sense this book enables you to participate in a workshop. Not only will you see your No-Face, you will also see how the people in the workshops respond in different ways to this Seeing, exploring with them the profound implications and applications of this Vision.

     Join this workshop and blossom into who you really are!

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