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Bog, paperback British Bachelors: Delicious and Dangerous af Maggie Cox

British Bachelors: Delicious and Dangerous

- The Tycoon's Delicious Distraction / the Woman Sent to Tame Him / Once a Playboy...

(Bog, paperback)

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The Tycoon's Delicious Distraction

The Tycoon's Delicious Distraction


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Forlagets beskrivelse
The Tycoon's Delicious Distraction
Bibliotekernes beskrivelse
The Tycoon's Delicious Distraction Wild playboy music producer Hal Treverne is in a wheelchair and has to rely on Kit, his beautiful physio. He's furious - she should have been in his bed and out of his system by now! Then Hal catches a glimpse of simmering desire beneath Kit's professional facade. Bingo! Unleashing her passion is the challenge he has been waiting for! The Woman Sent to Tame Him Serena Scott knows that Finn St George is trouble with a capital 'T'. Gorgeous? Yes. World-class racing driver? Yes. Finn has caused one scandal too many - and Serena is charged with getting him back on track! Can she tame him, or will the bad boy lead Serena astray? Once a Playboy When an accident puts adrenaline junkie aristocrat George Somers in the care of physiotherapist and single mum Serena James, being temporarily bed-bound seems more appealing! George may be a risk-taker, but letting Serena and her little boy into his heart will be his biggest test yet...

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