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Brain Dynamics : Progress and Perspectives

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Brain Dynamics : Progress and Perspectives
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  • Forventet levering 01-08-2018
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  1. Beskrivelse

    This volume is based on contributions to the second Brain Dynamics Conference, held in Berlin on August 10-14, 1987, as a satellite conference of the Budapest Congress of the International Brain Research Organization. Like the volume resulting from the first conference, Dynamics of Sensory and Cognitive Processing by the Brain, the present work covers new approaches to brain function, with emphasis on electromagnetic fields, EEG, event-related potentials, connectivistic views, and neural networks. Close attention is also paid to research in the emerging field of deterministic chaos and strange attractors. The diversity of this collection of papers reflects a multipronged advance in a hitherto relatively neglected domain, i. e., the study of signs of dynamic processes in organized neural tissue in order both to explain them and to exploit them for clues to system function. The need is greater than ever for new windows. This volume reflects a historical moment, the moment when a relatively neglected field of basic research into available signs of dynamic processes ongoing in organized neural tissue is expanding almost explosively to complement other approaches. From the topics treated, this book should appeal, as did its predecessor, to neuroscientists, neurologists, scientists studying complex systems, artificial intelligence, and neural networks, psychobiologists, and all basic and clinical investigators concerned with new techniques of monitoring and analyzing the brain's electromagnetic activity.

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