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Bonding of Best Friends 5

- Bigger Ponds, Bigger Fish


Bonding of Best Friends 5
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E-bog, ePub
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    Crushed overhearing that Celeste and Greta attended an orgy, Rob storms off clueless as to where to go. Distraught, he contacts his old senior high sweetheart, Connie McElroy. A hot couple back then, they quickly fall into old ways in his pickup outside Daddy's, a local bar in the Central Florida small town where Rob and Connie grew up. Avoiding home and leery of Connie's two kids, Rob camps out in his cabinet shop. Greta visits his shop and apologizes 'Greta style' for taking Celeste to the orgy. Rob visits Connie and pressures her into relating her two orgy experiences back in the day when she was young, thin and childless. Connie's heartfelt tale of the high point in her life allows Rob to see the wives' behavior from a more tolerant perspective. Becoming members of Mark Sewell's sex club at the orgy, the wives request club help to bring their unknowing husbands into the club. Rob's cabinet shop begins to receive many orders, one of which is his largest ever. Intending to lure Mr. Robert Stevens, his wealthy client has motives beyond custom cabinetry. As per plan, Rob is flown in Gerald Silver's private jet to his decadent antebellum mansion not far from Macon, Georgia to take measurements for the order. There, the cabinetmaker is seduced by the sexually liberating lifestyle flourishing in the opulent edifice. Among others, he beds Gerald's buxom second floor night maid, Miss Leja Gregorian. Both feel a connection from the moment they meet that only grows. On his two cabinet deliveries, Celeste accompanies him according to a strategy devised by Gerald Silver, his alleged son Steven and their attorney, Mark Sewell. Mark related to the wives that the Silvers, a wealthy commercial real estate team who met them at Sewell's orgy, desired to take them into their circle. Not remembering the men, the two wives easily assume why they were remembered. They were the stars that night. To Pussycat (Celeste), the visits to the Silver's are her husband's final exam to bring him onboard to the liberated lifestyle that she and Greta are gravitating toward at increasing speed. Not reluctant to incite Rob with her scandalous cavorting with Eduardo, she keeps her weekly romps with Twelve Inch Teddy a secret. Can Rob deal with seeing other gentlemen enjoy her, beyond Ed? 'Madame' Pussycat rests the fate of her marriage in Mark Sewell's long established sex club's abilities to have prepared Rob for the test.

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