Blood Held
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Bog, paperback
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    * Immortally Theirs by Ann Cory - When Shayla McDormand first moved into her parent's old mansion, she had no idea two very handsome vampires, Bastian Trabor and Armand Coudray, already occupied it. Over time she gave into their affections and enjoyed all they had to offer. Until they demand she chooses between them or they will leave and never return. Bastian and Armand will do anything to compete for Shayla's love. They both want her as their vampire bride. But another entity resides in the house that also wants Shayla. Can Shayla make up her mind before it's too late? Or will fate decide for her? * Don't Drink the Blood by Cheryl Dragon - When Emma walks into a vampire bar, Bill knows they're both in trouble and he needs to get her out of there. He takes her home and their passions click. Unfortunately, she's caught the eye of an evil vampire who loves trophies. Even worse, she wants to experience a real vampire. Bill is just a vampire hunter who rescues innocent humans. After Emma rushes into danger, he saves her from the vampires, but the trouble is far from over The vampire wants revenge, and this time it's up to Emma to do the hunting and rescuing * A Supernatural Experience by Addison Avery - Klark, Zander and Kemper own a slave camp operated as a front for finding blood suppliers. When Macie Jenson arrives at their property, the vampires are smitten. Consuming fires of lust collide with a forbidden love but the immortals are plagued by discovery. Macie once belonged to a coveted vampire league and the vampires must ask Macie to leave. Refusing to forfeit her happiness, Macie takes a leap of faith and forces the vampires to make a decision between her immortal life and human death. Will the vampires turn her or will they face too many consequences by claiming a mate destined for another coven? *

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    308 g
    15 mm
    133 mm
    203 mm
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