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  1. Beskrivelse

    Fading into the background isnt the Sisterhood way. Even after all the adventures theyve shared, the courageous, close-knit heroines of Fern Michaels New York Times bestselling series are always ready to embrace another challengeAll good things must come to an end. But Myra Rutledge isnt ready to put the Sisterhoodthe stalwart band of friends whove become legendary for meting out their own brand of justicebehind her just yet. Though she loves her beautiful home and her husband, Charles, Myra cant deny that shes restless. And as it turns out, shes not the only one longing to dust off her gold shield and get back in action.When Maggie Spritzer, former editor-in-chief of the Post and an honorary member of the Sisterhood, arrives with a new mission in mind, Myra welcomes her in. Maggies newshound instincts havent dulled since she left the Post, and she suspects that two Maryland judgesidentical twins Eunice and Celeste Cipraniare running a moneymaking racket that sends young offenders to brutal boot camps, often on trumped-up charges.Soon the Vigilantes are gathering in their war room once more, catching up on the momentous events in each others lives even as they plan their campaign. The Ciprani twins are powerful and ruthless, and taking them down wont be easy. But with the aid of formidable alliesincluding former President Martine ConnorMyra, Annie, Maggie and the gang concoct a scheme that will bring justice to the innocentand leave the guilty blindsided

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