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Biodeterioration 7

Biodeterioration 7
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Bog, hæftet (kr. 1.024,95) (kr. 1.024,95)
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  • Forventet levering 26-02-2019
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Bog, hæftet
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Because of the magnificent response to the call for papers for the 7th International Biodeterioration Symposium held at Cambridge, UK, some difficulties have been experienced in the editing of these proceedings. The numbers of papers submitted exceeded expectation and because of this it has been necessary to accommodate those not actually in the proceedings into the International Biodeterioration journal. A small number of papers were not suitable for publication and were therefore eliminated. Many authors disregarded the guidelines laid down for the length of submitted papers. However, every attempt has been made to accommodate the maximum number of contributions in the proceedings. The original selection included those which most nearly conformed to the length requirement. Even so this has meant, in many cases, cutting down the text, eliminating tables and/or illustrations and pruning the reference list. When references have been trimmed a note has been included to the effect that an extended list may be obtained from the author/senior author. Where it was not possible to carry out these procedures without seriously altering the text and the import of the paper they have been included amongst those to be published in the journal International Biodeterioration. The exceptions to the procedures outlined above are the invited review papers which have been presented in full. Happily, the authors have been conscientious in keeping to the guidelines laid down for these contributions.

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