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Beyond the Arab Spring in North Africa


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Beyond the Arab Spring in North Africa
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Bog, hardback (kr. 799,95) (kr. 859,95)
  1. Beskrivelse

    This book explores specific problems related to the phenomenon of the Arab Spring in North Africa. These topics include sexual minorities, youth, and gender issues, as well as broader themes covering the ideological, social, political, and religious backgrounds of the Arab Spring. 11 Tables, unspecified; 9 Illustrations, black and white

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    508 g
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    Lexington Books
    Bog, hardback
    • Bibliotekernes beskrivelse

      This book deals with the waves of revolutions in North Africa labelled as the Arab Spring. Each of the countries in the region was affected by the Arab Spring and has experienced specific processes and consequences. Due to the complexity of the phenomenon, any kind of comprehensive research and analyses need an interdisciplinary approach to deal with the Arab Spring from multiple perspectives. This volume brings together a group of scholars from various disciplines covering different aspects of the revolutionary changes in the North African countries. Beyond the Arab Spring in North Africa collects diverse studies with an emphasis on specificity. Chapters deal with a wide range of topics that include both minor as well as major themes.These include the formation of youth movement in Egypt long before the Arab Spring and their subsequent participation in the revolution; analysis of Tunisian women's participation in Arab Spring events; spatial disparities in Tunisia and their impact on the revolution with special focus on Sidi Bouzid as one of the socio-economically weakest areas; rights and social status of sexual minorities in Tunisia; polemics over the role of New Media as both revolutionary and contra-revolutionary tools; broader discussion over the prospects for multilateral cooperation and regional integration in the studied area; reflection of the Arab Spring in the Czech media; impact of the work of 'Ali 'Abd al-Raziq on the debates over political secularism in Islamic society; as well as a general debate over democratization in North Africa, or Arab states as such. Beyond the Arab Spring in North Africa will find its readers in all relevant social sciences dealing in various contexts with the contemporary North Africa.

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