Behavioral Neuroscience for the Human Services

- Foundations in Emotion, Mental Health, Addiction, and Alternative Therapies


Behavioral Neuroscience for the Human Services
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The past 40 years have established recruitment as a fundamental area of research to both researchers and practitioners. No longer is recruitment viewed as simply another component of human resource management but rather a strategic tool with wide-ranging implications for organizations. To this extent investigations on the subject have drawn upon diverse perspectives from economics to marketing, highlighting recruitment's links with multiple aspects of organizationalfunctioning such as selection, onboarding, organizational culture, job performance, and turnover.The goal of this handbook is to provide an integrative and comprehensive summary of the state of recruitment research. It is hoped that by providing insight to both theoretical and empirical underpinnings of the topic this volume will focus readers to the important issues affecting our understanding and application of recruitment concepts; and provide structure toward current thinking and future exploration of the field. In the spirit of investigative inquiry, the book's chapters are organizedaccording to the questions they answer about the nature of recruitment: Who is involved in recruitment; What do these stakeholders do; When do recruitment phenomenon occur; Where does recruitment take place; Why does recruitment influence various stakeholders in the process; and finally, how isrecruitment investigated? Aimed at both potential and existing recruiters, the expert contributions included in this handbook serve as a springboard to energize and focus future endeavour in recruitment, an increasingly pertinent driver of individual and organizational success.Are biology and psychology inseparable? For many decades, this notion was not seriously entertained by purveyors of psychological wisdom. Now, fast-growing new technologies for studying the brain have discredited the dichotomous biology-psychology divide, demonstrating that the foundations of psychology are based in neurobiological structures and functions, both inborn (temperament) and sometimes modified through interacting with environments.This book for social workers illustrates how social, psychological, and biological factors interact to shape a client's unique experience. While the field-and its longstanding texts-has for decades recognized the psychosocial elements that can help or hinder health and well being, it has been slow to integrate biological advances into its knowledge base. "Synapse and System" revolutionizes the way students learn to understand, assess, and treat their clients. Emphasizing the deepinterconnectedness of genes and the physical and social context in which disorders take shape, this book introduces the fundamentals of neurochemistry and the biological roots of addiction, mental illness, trauma, attachment, and violence. In addition, it provides neuroscience fundamentals, incorporates new advances in neuroscience critical for practice, such as analysis and illustration of two examples of complex neural circuits, for pleasure and for trauma, and introduces many rich multidisciplinary research findings across practice areas.The result is a masterful treatment of social work's hallmark person-in-environment perspective that gives students a deep appreciation for the complex interactions among biological and social forces that can shape the development of, and response to, mental illness and social problems.

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    This handbook includes the most up to date, evidence-based, and comprehensive coverage of recruitment and retention, as written by the top leaders of recruitment research in the world.This book fuses scientific integrity with conversational, humorous presentation of neuroscience knowledge for human services. Knowledge conveyed is essential for practice with mental health, addiction, and developmental challenges, violence, family relationships.

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