Bog, paperback Basic Korean Grammar af Soohee Kim

Basic Korean Grammar

- Learn the Grammar You Need to Speak Correctly

(Bog, paperback)

60 black and white illustrations

60 black and white illustrations


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Forlagets beskrivelse
60 black and white illustrations
Bibliotekernes beskrivelse
Basic Korean Grammar covers all the basic sentence structures, verbal forms and idiomatic expressions taught in the first two years of a high school or college level Korean language course. This book is specifically designed to help the following learners: Anyone taking a beginning or intermediate level Korean language course Adult learners who are studying Korean on their own or with a tutor Anyone who has studied Korean previously and now wishes to review and brush-up Heritage learners who speak a bit of Korean but want to speak it more correctly Whether readers are just beginning to learn Korean, brushing-up after a hiatus, or striving to finesse their rudimentary knowledge, Basic Korean Grammar offers an accessible and straightforward overview of the language. Created by a team of professional linguists, each of the book's nine chapters highlights a different essential concept, from particles to honorifics to complex sentence constructions and more.A compact alternative to unwieldy textbooks, this volume presents Korean words and sentences in both Hangeul script and Romanized form (with English translations), charts and examples demonstrating usage in a variety of contexts, and numerous helpful exercises to reinforce each lesson. Teachers seeking extensive review materials for their students will find this book extremely useful. Students can use it as a reference and for systematic review later to refresh their memory and have a complete overview without referring to a thick textbook.

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