Atomic Genetics and Origin of the Universe


Atomic Genetics and Origin of the Universe
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Bog, paperback
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    The Creator (Portrait of Yang B.B.B working as highest center of the universe ) and Creation of the universe by continuous creation theory - Hoyle Narlikar Universe. This book is update of Quran, Gita and Bible and all spiritual books as How God created the universe in scientific language ( step by step) is not written in those books and materialization of God as regard His picture identity ( mind and mass) is absent there. The picture identity of Almighty God - the Creator and destroyer of Universe ( His Avatar form ) is also absent in those books. This book Unifies religions as regard their true spiritualism. The true spiritualism ( immortal attributes of God ) of all religions is SAME that includes different thoughts expressions also as thoughts carrying different informations are immortal . Prayer ( FTL phenomenon ) is an eternal phenomenon and it is property of eternal TWO God particles. The Highest consciousness as regard worship is self IDOL worship. i.e. worship of, "I" and "I" is nothing but eternal smallest TWO god particles (Unity of opposite) made up of Mind and Mass particles having property of omniscience and omnipotent to eternal, absolute, infinite "I" i.e. Omnipresent that constitute ONE "I." This also includes all worships of all forms of "I" both visible and invisible. This book carries guidelines to students of physical and life sciences in their undergraduate and postgraduate courses and also in research program me as all 10 volumes have been published in international print and online journals. This book is helpful to those who are atheists. By virtue of their ignorance they become atheists. This book will enlighten them in scientific way to the tune that they too start believing power of Almighty B.B.B who created this universe. Last but not the least is "Science of prayer" which is to be taught in school and colleges by all universities all over the world so that students of all religions should know about Almighty God - the creator and destroyer of the universe, the Yang working as Highest centre of the universe, the first god "I" of symmetry breaking phase and His Avatar form. Without these guidelines, their understanding as regard Science, God, Universe and Prayer would remain unclear. The entire research qualifies the word SATYAM SHIVUM SUNDERUM or ETERNITY or "I."

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