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Asking for More: Understanding Energy and Self


Asking for More: Understanding Energy and Self
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Bog, hæftet
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  1. Beskrivelse

    "Asking for More" offers the reader information to process, personalize, and ultimately cocreate the feeling and experience that is understanding, peace, and unconditional love. This is an opportunity to understand energy and self in ways you couldn't have imagined. What can you expect to learn from these higher teachings? The possibilities are endless, really. "Asking for More" is not about religion, and it is so much more than an informative Q & A experience from a new perspective. This is a "how to" example in truly knowing thyself, remembering who you are. In this very honest and detailed dialogue of documented conversations Elizabeth Cook has had with the energies known as the Blessed Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit through medium Laurie Stimpson, we have been given assistance for our journeys through life. Not only was it Elizabeth's job to ask questions, but as she would find out, it was for her to process the information that was given to her at a much deeper level. She had to be willing to get uncomfortable in order to get to the heart of the teachings. The information was to be processed, then personalized and experienced, and finally brought forward to share with others so that the readers of "Asking for More" would be able to see how she did it. Then, if they choose, they can use that in their own lives for their own understanding in experiences.

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    Balboa Press
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