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Are You Scared of Sales?

- What If I Told You I Could Get Rid of Your Fear of Sales? You Already Know Sales Is the Way to Make More Money. So Let


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Are You Scared of Sales?
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Are you terrified of sales? I mean so scared you cringe when you think about it. So scared that you could think of nothing worse and anything else to do? But you keep hearing "you need to do sales," "that's the best chance to make more money" and they may be right. Sales gives an opportunity unlike a lot of jobs out there. It usually provides a chance to earn more money and get rewards and bonuses. It can get you things you only dream of. But as soon as you stop day dreaming about what sales can get you reality sets in and you freak out. The nerves come on and the anxiety within explodes. You decide it's not worth it. There's no way I could do it. How could I do it? You have to be outgoing, confident and witty to do sales. You need to be able to negotiate and think on the fly but I get so nervous I freeze up just thinking about it. Well 'fear no more' because I have the secret for you. The mind-set and tools that you can learn to get over your nerves and anxiety to take the plunge into a career in sales. Not just a career but success Stick to the plan and you will achieve more than you did in your little day dreams. This pocket book will become your little army. First, it will get you past your nerves and anxiety to find the right sales field for you. Then it will be your little secret weapon that you can keep coming back to through every tough situation you face in sales to overcome it and win. So... Should we begin?

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