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Andrew's View


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Andrew's View
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    1. Beskrivelse

      It all started one rainy Sunday afternoon back in the autumn of 2007. The doorbell rang and my Church Elder, handed me a copy of the Blackbraes and Shieldhill Church of Scotland Magazine. She happened to mention how great it would be if more people would put a little article in, even if it was a just few words about themselves and their faith. It was then that I realised that one of the biggest things that has changed my outlook on life was my faith and yet I had never written about it. I had never thought to explore or write about the times that God has influenced me, touched me and often rescued me with infinite patience and a sense of humour thrown in. I promised her I would write a small story about my faith for the next magazine which would be out at Christmas. After the magazine finally came out, as we all enjoyed our tea and coffee after the service, a lady came over to my table in a very determined manner, holding a copy of the magazine with an extremely serious look on her face. I thought, "Oops... she's going to tell me, 'Don't even think about writing any more articles, thank you!'" But when she did arrive, what she said touched my heart. She told me she had been moved to tears by what I had written and it had really touched her and made her day. I felt so thrilled and at the same time so humbled. She gave me the confidence and courage to write a second story for the next magazine and I got a similar response. They eventually asked me to write a regular column and I have had the pleasure of writing and submitting articles for the last eight years. Finally, my minister and a few people from the congregation over the last year or so have suggested I should put all the stories together into the form of a book. I have had great fun doing just that and this is the result.

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      Bog, hardback
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