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Andrew Murray Destined to Win

- A Biographical Novel


Andrew Murray Destined to Win
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Bog, paperback (kr. 169,95) (kr. 209,82)
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Andrew Murray Destined to Win "A true story of battles, blessings, betrayal, and breakthrough"Twenty-two year old Andrew Murray has just completed his first year of ministry to over 20,000 Boers beyond the borders of the Cape. With new-found confidence, he soon finds himself acting in a statesman-like capacity on behalf of both Boer and Brit. But with every victory gained, he finds himself not only showered with accolades and blessings, but also having to battle outbreaks of self and pride that he is unable to conquer.After a heartbreaking betrayal, he realizes that he is in need of a wife, someone who is able to partner with him in the ministry. But where to find such a girl? And when found, will his bloated ego and self-focus get in the way of winning her hand?Although told in fictional form, this is a factual account of Andrew Murray's life during the turbulent years of 1850 to 1856. The story is set in the wilds of Africa beyond the Orange and Vaal Rivers, then moves to England and Europe, before returning to the Cape. It is sure to appeal to lovers of Historical Fiction, South African History, and those interested in the lives of giants of the faith.LEARN of the battles fought and lost against the Basuto chief Moshesh.OBSERVE the brinkmanship at the Sand River Convention, where independence was granted to the Transvaal.FOLLOW Andrew Murray to England, where he preaches at Surrey Chapel.ACCOMPANY him to the Herschel Estate in Cape Town, where he courts the girl of his dreams.FEEL FOR him as his heart is broken and he realizes how miserably he has failed to progress in his spiritual walk.REJOICE with him when his dreams come true and he learns to win through a closer walk with God.Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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