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Adventures Far From Home


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Adventures Far From Home
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  1. Beskrivelse

    In the Central American country of Costa Rica archaeologists have found smoothly carved stone spheres of various sizes, but they don’t know who made them nor why. The first story is a fanciful explanation of the origin of these stone balls.

    In the first story Costa Rica has been destroyed by an erupting volcano. Rose and Carol are invited to join children from all over the world helping to rebuild the landscape. They spend the summer doing such things as carving trees, painting flowers, caring for baby animals and birds, and riding around on a flying carpet with a boy from Arabia. At their final party they find out why the stone balls were made.

    In the second story as a reward for this work Rose and Carol are invited to visit the fairies’ Winter Festival in the far north. They spend time in an Eskimo igloo, slide down an ice slide, skate, watch Northern Lights, and learn of a problem that may prevent the festival from coming to a successful conclusion. Rose and Carol become involved with this crisis.

    In the third story their younger brother Andy accompanies an Irish neighbor on a visit to Ireland. While there they tramp the Irish hills, explore castles, and encounter leprechauns. Then they have to race down the Shannon River trying to escape leprechauns that are chasing them.

    Come with Rose, Carol, and Andy on these adventures.

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    Bog, paperback
    E-bog, ePub

  2. Yderligere info
    268 g
    5 mm
    216 mm
    279 mm
    Westbow Press
    Bog, hæftet
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