Advances in Motivation Science

- Volume 7

indgår i serie Advances in Motivation Science

Advances in Motivation Science
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Persistent Phosphors: From Fundamentals to Applications provides an introduction to the key synthesis methods, characterization methods, physical mechanisms, and applications of this important luminescent materials system. The book covers basic persistent phosphorescence, introducing concepts such as emission, luminescence, phosphorescence, persistent phosphorescence and the development of persistent phosphors. Then, synthesis methods are reviewed and the connections between synthesis methods and improved materials properties are discussed. Characterization methods to investigate the trapping and de-trapping mechanism are also presented. Other sections cover the theoretical framework and energy band engineering models and materials with a focus on activators, hosts, emission bands and excitation bands. Finally, the most relevant applications of persistent phosphors are included for use in displays, safety signs, bio-labels and energy. Persistent Phosphors is an invaluable reference for materials scientists and engineers in academia and R&D. It is a key resource for chemists and physicists.Medical Semiology Guide of the Cardiovascular System and the Hematologic System provides a comprehensive understanding of medical semiology in the cardiovascular and hematologic systems. Highly illustrated with many original images from the author's daily medical practice, the book highlights all signs of diseases and important semiological maneuvers in the field. Each chapter incorporates a specific questionnaire with important questions that should be asked to patients in different situations to obtain valuable information that helps identify rare and unusual diseases. This unique feature of the book aims to facilitate the learning process among medical students, while also acting as a quick reference for clinicians.Colorectal Neoplasia and the Microbiome: Dysplasia, Probiotics, and Fusobacteria provides foundational knowledge on the gut microbiome and evidence for an association with colorectal neoplasia. It covers the role of microbiota in causing adenomatous polyps and colorectal cancer as well as the modulatory effect of diet and probiotics. Chapters explain a foundational history of microbiology in the colon, the epidemiology of colon polyps and cancer, dysbiosis, the role of immunology and bacteria, and the diet. The book combines medical and scientific aspects to show mechanistic aspects between microbiota and hosts, clearly presenting the association between microbiota, colonic lesions and possible causal links. The book is essential reading for everyone working with human microbiota including basic scientists, physiologists of the intestine, experts in intestinal microbiota, gastroenterologists, oncologists and surgeon.Chemical Solution Synthesis for Materials Design and Thin Film Device Applications presents current research on wet chemical techniques for thin-film based devices. Sections cover the quality of thin films, types of common films used in devices, various thermodynamic properties, thin film patterning, device configuration and applications. As a whole, these topics create a roadmap for developing new materials and incorporating the results in device fabrication. This book is suitable for graduate, undergraduate, doctoral students, and researchers looking for quick guidance on material synthesis and device fabrication through wet chemical routes.Materials for Supercapacitor Applications provides a snapshot of the present status of this rapidly growing field. It covers motivations, innovations, ongoing breakthroughs in research and development, innovative materials, impacts, and perspectives, as well as the challenges and technical barriers to identifying an ideal material for practical applications. This comprehensive reference by electro-chemists explains concepts in materials selection and their unique applications based on their electro-chemical properties. Chemists, chemical and electrical engineers, material scientists, and research scholars and students interested in energy will benefit from this overview of many important reference points in understanding the materials used in supercapacitors.Advances in Motivation Science, Volume Seven, the latest release in Elsevier's serial on the topic of motivation science, contains interesting articles that cover topics such as Moving from Research on Message Framing to Principles of Message Matching: The Use of Gain- and Loss-Framed Messages to Promote Healthy Behavior, 35 Years of Research on Students' Subjective Task Values and Motivation: A Look Back and a Look Forward, The Motivational Potency of Nostalgia: The Future is Called Yesterday, Adaptive Self-Regulation, Subjective Well-Being, and Physical Health: The Importance of Goal Adjustment Capacities, and much more.

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