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Bog, paperback Adaptive Security for the Internet of Things af Mohamed Hamdi

Adaptive Security for the Internet of Things

- Research, Standards, and Practices

(Bog, paperback)

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Approx. 100 illustrations

Approx. 100 illustrations


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Approx. 100 illustrations
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Adaptive Security for the Internet of Things: Research, Standards and Practices details the huge potential brought by the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm and several significant obstacles that block the fulfillment of the IoT vision, including security. The book assembles relating topics into a coherent body of knowledge consisting of theories, case studies, examples, and open problems, and builds on a set of formal and practical links to highlight the impact of the context on all the processes of the adaptive security engineering lifecycle, including an exploration of the idea that adaptive security should rely on an accurate representation of the dynamic context encompassing threats, energy level, and security requirements. In addition, the book provides information on studying and analyzing the trade-off between security effectiveness and energy-efficiency. Researchers and practitioners will find a complete framework for the concepts and research being conducted around IoT security.* Presents the most current and leading-edge research on adaptive security for the Internet of Things (IoT)* Features a panel of top experts in the field who focus on the dynamic context of IoT security, including context-aware threat analysis, game theory and applications, learning techniques for real-time reaction to attacks, and distributed monitoring* Covers best practices and standards for IoT security, including risk management and assessment, practical implementation of security mechanisms in IoT, and metrics for IoT adaptive security* Includes coverage of key IoT security considerations, including energy efficiency, resiliency, effectiveness, and cross-layer design

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