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A Simple Underground


A Simple Underground
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    Bog, hæftet
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    1. Beskrivelse

      They walk the surfaced all dressed the same, all wearing masks so the beautiful cannot be distinguished from the not so beautiful. They have been prepared from childhood, their purpose predetermined. the city's structures are gray and windowless, their outside façade naked of signage or illumination. Human action is ruled with the implanting of a chip...all the product of The System.

      "Where am I?" Twenty six year old Daniel went to bed after a night out with the guys only to wake up in a world he no longer recognized. With no idea of how he got there or more importantly how to return home, he finds himself befriended by the "free", a society of The System's escapees and discards who survive below the surface, the Underground. A place he finds dissimilar from where he once lived. Their language, their way of life, their monotonous existence makes Daniel yearn for what once was. He is determined to return home; however, time passes, relationships grow and Daniel finds himself torn between what once was and what is. Having never found his own purpose in life, Daniel begins to believe he was sent to this place for a reason. Now Daniel finds himself in the terrifying clutches of The System. Daniel's quest for freedom takes him through mind blowing moral and physical challenges forcing him to utilize his experiences from a past life and those from his new life. Can Daniel do what it takes to survive and make it home?

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      Bog, hardback

    2. Yderligere info
      272 g
      10 mm
      152 mm
      229 mm
      Author House
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