A Portrait of Humankind

- Current Readings in Physical Anthropology (Revised Edition)

A Portrait of Humankind
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Bog, paperback
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    A Portrait of Humankind: Current Readings in Physical Anthropology contains articles that represent some of the most recent, cutting-edge research being done in physical anthropology. They include essays on the perceived conflicts between science and faith, work in forensic anthropology, primate social behavior, human origins and evolution, and aspects of modern human variability. These readings will enhance both lecture and laboratory classes in physical anthropology, and will allow students to study a variety of topics in greater detail. This reader is intended for undergraduates attending Intro to biological anthropology classes. It can be used to facilitate discussions during the lab period and to spark student interest as they write short papers on specific topics in biological anthropology. Selections in A Portrait of Humankind: Current Readings in Physical Anthropology are organized into five topical chapters: - Chapter 1: Genetics and Evolutionary Theory

    - Chapter 2: Osteology

    - Chapter 3: Primates

    - Chapter 4: Human Evolution

    - Chapter 5: Human Variation Arthur Durband is a paleoanthropologist who received his PhD from the University of Tennessee. He has done field work or studied fossil collections in Indonesia, Australia, and Europe. Dr. Durband's research focuses on the origins of modern humans and the peopling of Australia. Robert R. Paine received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. He is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Dr. Paine has taught biological anthropology courses at Texas Tech University for 16 years. He also works as a forensic anthropologist helping local Sheriffs and Texas Rangers on a number of skeletal cases. Dr. Paine has examined over 1,200 skeletons from Italy covering a time period of early Etruscans to Imperial Rome.

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