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A New Life


A New Life
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E-bog, PDF
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  1. Beskrivelse

    A New Life describes how stress and a wake-up call can bring new possibilities and freedom in life.

    Through the authors’ own story and different situations from everyday life, the reader will get an understanding of how symptoms and disease may arise, and how we may heal ourselves. She describes the methods, which she has used to restore balance after a period of stress and disease. 

    In all humility she is questioning conventions in our modern world as the ones that symptoms must be removed, and that diagnosis are chronic.

    The book illustrates how we create our perception of reality, and how death is both a life confirming and a life limiting illusion. It describes through everyday examples how we may perceive body, psyche and spirit as separate entities, and that a holistic approach to life implies the reunion of body, mind and spirit.

    "One of the book's great values is the emphasis on experiences from personal life-stories about daily living and especially the author's own experience and knowledge based on her medical background. The book has an authenticity and depth that is extensive. With its comprehensiveness the book points out a paradigm shift and thus it also has a political message. It points at hope for the future, for the individual and on a global level"

    Kirsten Norling-Christensen,

    Medical Doctor, 

    Child- and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

    Mette Mouritsen is a general practitioner, psychotherapist, and mindfulness instructor, and above all she is an ordinary human being.

  2. Yderligere info
    Mette Mouritsen
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