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A Matter of Willowes

- Problems in Deduction


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A Matter of Willowes
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Bog, paperback (kr. 64,95) (kr. 82,32)
  1. Beskrivelse

    A collection of short stories and one novelette representing problems in deduction faced by a quirky teacher and his amanuensis. In the confines of the school, the outside world still intrudes, bringing distinctly non-academic issues. Only Willowes can see with the dispassionate eye of a camera and only he can sort the data he observes with the speed and accuracy of a computer. Unhappily, he often has the tact of a computer, but the faithful chronicler of his adventures is there to add a touch of humanity. Though being human has its place, without the incisive intellect of Willowes, the heart can leap to wrong conclusions and solutions, as his "Boswell" discovers. Given the incompetence of the principal, whom Willowes abhors, and the well-meaning, but often ineffectual, efforts of faculty, a deus ex machina is needed. Whether it is a question of murder most foul or drugs on the campus, there is always a need for Willowes' mordant eye. Problems in deduction can arise off campus as well and our improbable team of sleuths find themselves among illuminaries and strawberries, circumstances hard to explain, but utterly necessary for the display of Willowes' talents. Sometimes the stakes are high, but every problem is approached with the same intellect coupled with wit and humor. The work is always the thing and credit is not an issue. Talent is respected, however, both by faculty and "certain government agencies." Unchanged by it all, Willowes proceeds at a steady pace through life, shadowed by his chronicler. The events recounted here were kept secret for several years and, only now, with Willowes' reluctant permission, are they offered for your reading pleasure. As Willowes most certainly NOT say, "The game's afoot." Welcome along for the ride.

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    Bog, paperback
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