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A different kind of knowing


A different kind of knowing
E-bog, ePub (kr. 98,00) (kr. 98,00)
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E-bog, ePub
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Picture yourself standing in the middle of a desert, alone, thirsty and hungry.

    All of a sudden, an angel appears, presenting you with two choices.

    On the one hand, you can choose actual physical food, and actual physical water. On the other hand, you can choose the words: Water, apple, bread, tomato etc.

    What do you choose? Perhaps you find the question silly, but bear with me, I have a point. So really what do you choose? The actual physical food and water, or do you choose the words?

    The reason why we easily find a question like this silly is the obviousness of the answer. In fact, when we are hungry and thirsty we instinctively go for the actual physical food, because only that will ever quench our thirst, and settle our hunger.

    So let me ask you another question.

    Who are you?

    What is your answer?

    When confronted with this question, either by ourselves or by another, almost every human being goes with the words.

    I am: American, male, businessman, husband, successful, and so on and so forth.

    When doing so, we fail to acknowledge that we are placing our sense of self in concepts. We literally fool ourselves into believing, that what we are are the actual concepts, completely obscuring the fact, that no concept will ever give you reality.

    In doing so we mentally disconnect ourselves from who we really are.The result is that almost all humans live with a sense of hunger, a sense of something is missing. Something is not quite right.

    And off we venture into the world searching for that which is missing, trying to quench the thirst and the hunger with more and more concepts.

    No concept will satisfy you, they never will…..

    Lost in a dream world, a mind-made fiction, a story about who I am, and from that, a story about what life is.

    All along the struggle through life, failing to recognize that what we are searching for, is actually ourselves.

    - It’s time to wake up!

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