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80/10/10 Raw Food - Get Started Guide


80/10/10 Raw Food - Get Started Guide
E-bog, PDF (kr. 70,00) (kr. 70,00)
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E-bog, PDF
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Get started with the 80/10/10 diet and lifestyle today and improve your health

    You don’t need to read long and heavy books to give this method a try and this e-book gives you a quick overview that will ensure you a great start. It has already been read and followed by thousands of people and the most common improvements they experience are:

    - More energy

    - Improved sleep

    - Clearer and healthier looking skin

    - Stronger nails, hair and teeth

    - Stabile/ optimal weight

    - Improved digestion

    - Clarity of mind

    - Better mood

    - Candida and fungus disappear

    - Fewer flus and colds

    - Shorter periods and no period pains/PMS

    - Improvement of old issues

    This easy 38 page guide (pdf) will answers a lot of the questions you may have as a beginner so you can get started right away. It ensures that you don’t make all of the classic beginner mistakes and it gives you a shortcut through all the do’s and don’ts.

    This eBook gives you:

    – An understanding of raw foods and their benefits

    – Tips for shopping and food preparation

    – Healthy lifestyle changes you can do today

    – Lists of things to eat and not to eat

    – Guidelines for calorie intake

    – Easy to make recipes for salads, soups, wraps and smoothies

    – Tips for storage and ripening

    – Information on how to transition into the diet

    – An introduction to green smoothies

    – Suggestions for what to eat in a week

    – Information on how to avoid deficiencies

    – Help to overcome challenges like cravings and tooth problems

    – Tips on how to deal with family, friends and social situations

    – And a lot more…

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    Louise Koch
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