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The 52 Magic Laws


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The 52 Magic Laws
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Bog, paperback (kr. 129,95) (kr. 160,44)
  1. Beskrivelse

    After the huge success of its French version in Europe (Switzerland, France and Belgium), "The 52 magic laws," the new personal development bestseller, is now available in English. Take a fresh start for the New Year thanks to this book that provides essential keys to success and happiness. Achieve your goals... your dreams... in other words: it is a must-have Discover a unique, easy method within the reach of everyone to transform your life into a full and happy one. With this book, you make the one investment that really pays out: YOURSELF. The secrets that are revealed inside offer the leverage to elevate one's life, thanks to an action plan spanning fifty-two weeks (one year) which simply consists in taking control of one's life in order to influence one's thinking, deciding and acting. Some go to a therapist, a coach or a spiritual guide to help them on the pathway of life. This book is a personal guide who comes to your home. It provides daily support whenever you need it. Always available, it provides the answers to all your requests. Life is a magic trick; this guide gives you the tools to be the magician of your own life. Spiritual teacher, therapist and author, Olivier Honsperger has trained thousands of people for more than fifteen years in various workshops and seminars in the field of alternative medicine and coaching.

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    Bog, paperback
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