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38 Introductory Lectures in Philosophy and Ethics


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38 Introductory Lectures in Philosophy and Ethics
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Bog, paperback (kr. 199,95) (kr. 244,48)
  1. Beskrivelse

    This book may be of interest to both students of philosophy and lecturers looking for alternative presentations of the subject. It covers the basic material required in the PHI 2010 Introduction to Philosophy, and PHI 2600 Ethics courses, as well as some material for the PHI 1100 Introduction to Logic course. Two special interest lectures have been added on the topics of meaning, purpose and death. The author's personal views and positions have also sometimes been given, always noted as his own. The accessible and straightforward style of this work is a result of its original presentation as an in-college compendium of the basic texts of the lectures as they were delivered. The listing of some sample essay questions, assessment guidelines and a bibliography of the books employed give further content to these studies. Derek Mazzone read philosophy at Oxford and Bradford universities, UK, and at the National University of Singapore, yet he originally trained in engineering and has also worked as a professional yachtsman. As an academic, he has lectured in sociology, social psychology, philosophy and ethics, has an interest in questions of consciousness, value and phenomenology, and among other work, is the author of The Pursuit of Value. Derek currently lives in Singapore, writing, lecturing and working as a yacht charter skipper.

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    Bog, paperback
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